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New Brunswick offers numerous opportunities for volunteering and community engagement. Volunteering is a fantastic way to give back to the community, make a positive impact, and connect with fellow residents. You can find opportunities to volunteer at food banks, shelters, community centers, environmental organizations, and more.

YMCA Newcomer Connections

YMCA Newcomer Connections in New Brunswick is a program designed to support immigrants and newcomers as they integrate into their new communities. Through various services and resources, it assists newcomers in accessing information, employment opportunities, language training, and social connections. The program aims to ease the transition process, offering cultural orientation, settlement assistance, and workshops that empower newcomers to navigate their new lives effectively. YMCA Newcomer Connections fosters a welcoming environment, enabling individuals and families to adapt, thrive, and contribute to their communities while promoting diversity and inclusion in New Brunswick. Engage in activities that support the settlement and integration of newcomers.

Multicultural Associations

Organizations like MCAF, MAGMA, and IRSG often seek volunteers to help with events and services. Big Brothers Big Sisters: Mentor children and youth in need of positive role models. Local Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations: Support patients, visitors, or administrative tasks. Community Gardens: Help grow fresh produce and contribute to local food security.

Animal Shelters

Volunteers at animal shelters play a vital role by assisting with a range of tasks, including feeding, cleaning, and grooming animals, as well as providing exercise and social interaction. They may administer medications, monitor animal health, and help with adoption events and outreach efforts. Volunteers often participate in fundraising activities, support administrative tasks, and offer specialized skills as needed. Their dedication helps improve the well-being of sheltered animals, promotes responsible pet ownership, and contributes to successful adoptions, ultimately making a positive impact on the animal community.

Soup Kitchens and Food Banks

Soup kitchen and food bank volunteers contribute by assisting in various essential tasks such as food preparation, serving meals, and cleaning at soup kitchens, while at food banks, they may sort and organize food donations, pack food boxes, and assist with distribution efforts. These volunteers play a vital role in alleviating hunger and food insecurity in their communities, ensuring that individuals and families in need have access to nutritious meals. Their efforts not only provide immediate relief but also promote food equity and social support for those facing economic challenges, making a significant difference in the fight against hunger.

Community Centers 

Volunteers at community centers engage in a wide range of activities aimed at fostering community cohesion and support. They often organize and lead recreational programs, educational workshops, and social events for people of all ages. These volunteers might assist in administrative tasks, help maintain the center's facilities, and coordinate outreach initiatives. By contributing their time and skills, they create welcoming spaces where individuals and families can access vital resources, develop new skills, build connections, and participate in activities that enhance the well-being and unity of their community.

Environmental Organizations

Volunteers with environmental organizations actively participate in activities geared towards the protection and preservation of the environment. They may engage in tasks such as tree planting, wildlife habitat restoration, and litter cleanup in local ecosystems. Additionally, volunteers often raise awareness through educational campaigns, advocacy efforts, and public outreach. Some volunteers assist with research projects, data collection, or support the organization's administrative needs. By dedicating their time and energy, these volunteers contribute significantly to addressing environmental challenges, promoting sustainability, and fostering a greater sense of responsibility and stewardship towards the planet.

Senior Centres

Volunteers at seniors centers provide invaluable support by enhancing the quality of life for elderly individuals. They engage in various activities such as organizing recreational programs, leading exercise classes, offering companionship and conversation, and assisting with transportation for appointments and errands. Volunteers often help with meal preparation and service, as well as administrative tasks like coordinating events and managing schedules. By volunteering at seniors centers, they contribute to combatting social isolation, promoting mental and physical well-being, and ensuring that seniors have a welcoming and supportive community where they can thrive in their golden years.

Youth Organizations

Youth organization volunteers play a pivotal role in shaping the lives of young people. They facilitate educational programs, mentorship initiatives, and extracurricular activities that promote personal growth, leadership skills, and social development among youth. These volunteers often organize workshops, sports events, and cultural activities, providing a safe and nurturing environment for learning and exploration. They also offer guidance, career advice, and emotional support, empowering young individuals to reach their full potential. By dedicating their time and expertise, youth organization volunteers help foster responsible, confident, and engaged citizens, making a lasting impact on the future of their communities and society as a whole.

Arts and Culture Organizations

Volunteers with arts and culture organizations contribute to the enrichment of their communities in various ways. They may assist with organizing and promoting cultural events, exhibitions, and performances, helping with ticketing, ushering, or backstage tasks. These volunteers often provide administrative support, such as data entry, marketing assistance, and fundraising efforts. Additionally, they might lead or assist in arts and crafts workshops, educational programs, or museum tours, sharing their passion for the arts and cultural heritage with the public. By volunteering, they play a vital role in preserving and promoting artistic expression, cultural diversity, and the appreciation of the arts within their communities, fostering creativity and a sense of belonging.

Health and Wellness Organizations

Volunteers at health and wellness organizations are involved in a wide range of activities aimed at promoting physical and mental well-being. They often support healthcare professionals by assisting with patient care in hospitals or clinics, offering companionship to individuals in long-term care facilities, and helping with administrative tasks like filing and data entry. Additionally, volunteers may participate in health education and outreach programs, conducting workshops on topics such as nutrition, fitness, and mental health. They may also contribute to fundraising efforts, organize wellness events, or provide transportation and support for individuals with mobility challenges. By dedicating their time and compassion, volunteers play a vital role in improving the overall health and quality of life of individuals and communities, making healthcare services more accessible and supportive.

Women's Shelters and Support Groups

Volunteers at women's shelters and support groups provide crucial assistance to individuals experiencing domestic violence, abuse, or other crises. They offer emotional support and a safe, empathetic environment for women and sometimes their children. Volunteers often help with shelter operations by answering phones, maintaining the facility, and assisting with meal preparation and distribution. They may also facilitate support groups, providing a space for women to share their experiences and coping strategies. Additionally, volunteers may offer information and resources on legal rights, counseling services, and community support programs. Their dedication helps survivors regain control of their lives, rebuild self-esteem, and access the help they need to break free from abusive situations and move toward a brighter future.

Youth Sports Leagues

Volunteers with youth sports leagues play essential roles in fostering the development of young athletes and promoting healthy lifestyles. They often serve as coaches, providing instruction, guidance, and mentorship to young participants in various sports. Volunteers may also assist with organizing practices, games, and tournaments, as well as managing team logistics like scheduling and equipment. In addition to coaching, they might help with administrative tasks, such as registration, fundraising, and marketing efforts to promote the league. These volunteers contribute to building teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership skills among youth, creating a positive and inclusive environment where young athletes can grow and thrive both on and off the field.

Volunteering not only provides newcomers with a chance to give back to the community but also helps them connect with locals, develop skills, and gain a sense of belonging. It's recommended to contact these organizations directly to inquire about volunteering opportunities that match your interests and skills. Engaging in community activities and networking events will further demonstrate your commitment to becoming an active member of the local community.