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Heritage at the Heart of New Brunswick

In the picturesque landscape of New Brunswick, Canada, there lies a community that is  proof of both the enduring legacy and the vibrant future of the Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) people: the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation. Located near the bustling town of Edmundston and the flowing waters of the Saint John River, this first nation community stands as a beacon of cultural heritage and a living bridge between past and future.


Strategic Location with Historical Significance

The Madawaska Maliseet First Nation's location in Madawaska County is not just a point on a map; it's a crucial element of their cultural narrative. Adjacent to the Canada-United States border, the community is a sentinel of the expansive natural environment that has shaped their way of life for centuries, especially the Saint John River, a natural artery that has nourished their ancestors and continues to be a source of life.


Cultural Stewards of the Maliseet Heritage

The heart of the community beats with the rhythm of the Maliseet language and the rich tapestry of traditions handed down through generations. With a steadfast commitment to cultural preservation, the community ensures that the essence of the Wolastoqiyik people remains vibrant and visible in the modern age.


Self-Governance and Sustainable Development

Leadership within the community echoes the democratic voice of its people. A Chief and Council steer the helm, guiding the community towards growth and prosperity while safeguarding the values and well-being of their members. This is governance with a soul, focused on nurturing the community and kindling progress.


Economic Ventures and Traditional Wisdom

Economic resilience is a hallmark of the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation, achieved by marrying time-honored practices with contemporary ventures. The community doesn't just participate in the economy; it innovates, creating a unique model for indigenous prosperity.


Advocacy and the Quest for Justice

Challenges are an intrinsic part of the narrative for many indigenous communities, and Madawaska Maliseet First Nation is no stranger to this struggle. They confront issues of land rights and cultural conservation head-on, advocating fiercely for their rights and resources to ensure their voice is heard and their legacy honoured.


Celebrations of Culture and Language

Language and cultural celebrations are not just festivities; they are acts of reclamation and affirmation of identity. The Madawaska Maliseet First Nation embraces its cultural expressions as both a joyous heritage and a critical lifeline for the Maliseet language and traditions.


Empowering Initiatives

The community’s tapestry is woven with initiatives that span education, health, and economic development. Each program and project is a thread in the larger design of community well-being and the perpetuation of the Maliseet culture.


In the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation, the echoes of Wolastoqiyik ancestry resound alongside the community's dynamic strides into the present and future. This is a community that honours its roots while branching out towards the sky, showing the world the resilience and adaptability of the Maliseet people.