Festivals & Events

Where Culture Blooms

Nestled along the scenic banks of the Petitcodiac River in Westmorland County lies a small yet vibrant community known as Fort Folly First Nation, or Pilick. This Mi'kmaq settlement may not boast the population numbers of larger First Nations, but its cultural footprint is anything but minor.


A Riverside Retreat with Historical Roots

Fort Folly's proximity to the Petitcodiac River isn't just a matter of geography; it's proof of the community's enduring connection to waterways that have long been the lifeblood of Mi'kmaq culture. The river's meandering path is intertwined with the history and daily life of Fort Folly's people.

Cultural Treasure Trove of the Mi'kmaq

The heartbeat of Fort Folly is its cultural heritage. This community shares the Mi'kmaq Nation's profound respect for language, traditions, and an ancestral legacy that spans centuries. Here, culture isn't just remembered; it's a lived experience that defines the very essence of the community.


Self-Governance with a Vision

Guided by the wisdom of their Chief and Council, Fort Folly First Nation embodies self-determination. The leadership's role transcends administration, focusing on nurturing a community that thrives through unity, progress, and a collective vision for the future.



Economic Endeavors Rooted in Tradition

The economic landscape of Fort Folly may be diversified, yet it stays true to its roots. From the revered practice of fishing to ventures in modern commerce, the community finds strength in economic diversity that respects tradition while embracing innovation.


A Voice for Justice and Equality


Challenges are no strangers to Fort Folly. The quest for land rights, cultural preservation, and equal access to services is an ongoing journey. Yet, the community stands tall, advocating for change and justice with unwavering determination.


Festivals of Heritage, Language of Legacy

Fort Folly's calendar is dotted with cultural festivals that celebrate the Mi'kmaq way of life. These events are more than festivities; they are the crucibles where the Mi'kmaq language and customs are kept alive and vibrant for future generations.


Initiatives for a Brighter Tomorrow

Community initiatives are the engines of change in Fort Folly. Be it enhancing education, boosting health, or expanding economic opportunities, the community's endeavors are aimed at uplifting every member and ensuring a prosperous collective future.


Fort Folly First Nation is a community where size does not define significance. It is a place where Mi'kmaq heritage flourishes and where each step forward is taken with reverence for the past and hope for the future. In the rich tapestry of New Brunswick's indigenous communities, Fort Folly is a testament to the enduring spirit and cultural richness of the Mi'kmaq people.