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City Excitement, Maritime Charm

Welcome to Moncton, the heart of New Brunswick, where the spirit of adventure meets the warmth of small-town hospitality. If you're looking for a place that perfectly blends the excitement of a city with the charm of the Maritimes, look no further! Let's dive into what makes Moncton a must-visit destination, a place where you can truly experience Moncton in all its glory.


Magnetic Hill: A Natural Wonder

Our first stop is the famous Magnetic Hill, a natural phenomenon that defies gravity. Here's the fun part: you drive your car to the bottom of the hill, put it in neutral, and then, like magic, you roll uphill! This quirky attraction is more than just a hill; it's a symbol of the unique experiences Moncton offers. Surrounding Magnetic Hill are a zoo, a water park, and a golf course, ensuring that your visit is packed with fun and excitement.



Tidal Bore: Witness the Power of Nature

As you continue to experience Moncton, the Tidal Bore along the Petitcodiac River is an absolute must-see. This natural tidal phenomenon occurs twice daily, and watching the tide rush in and reverse the river flow is truly mesmerizing. It's a testament to the raw beauty of nature that Moncton proudly showcases. For the adventurous, try Tidal Bore surfing – yes, you read that right!


Resurgo Place: Dive into History and Science

Our third gem in the crown of Moncton's attractions is Resurgo Place. This interactive museum takes you on a journey through Moncton's history and the wonders of science. It's a perfect spot for families, with engaging exhibits that make learning fun. From the city's transportation history to hands-on science exhibits, there's something here to spark everyone's curiosity.



Moncton's Dining Scene: A Culinary Adventure

Now, let's experience the food because no tour of Moncton is complete without diving into the local dining scene. Moncton boasts a vibrant culinary landscape that mirrors the diversity of the city. From fresh seafood caught in the nearby waters to international cuisine that tantalizes your taste buds, the restaurants in Moncton are a foodie's paradise. Make sure to try a lobster roll or some Acadian poutine râpée for a true taste of local flavours.


Moncton is not just a city; it's an experience. From the gravity-defying hill to the tidal wave surfing, from the rich history at Resurgo Place to the delicious culinary delights, Moncton is a city that surprises and delights at every turn. Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or a food enthusiast, Moncton welcomes you with open arms. Come and experience Moncton – a city where every visit becomes a cherished memory.