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Why Work with Us?

At Experience New Brunswick, we're all about sharing what's great about New Brunswick: its beauty, culture, and the unique experiences this province offers. As a marketing agency, we connect with thousands of North Americans every day, including explorers, adventure-seekers, and culture enthusiasts, guiding them to the hidden gems and local businesses that make New Brunswick worth visiting. With our expertise in SEO, we possess valuable information and insights on exactly what potential newcomers and visitors are looking for. Let's work together to offer them an unforgettable experience in New Brunswick. 

Website Stats and Figures

Average Monthly Organic Impressions: 14K

Top Searches: Saint John Cruise Ship Schedule, Saint John history, snowmobile rentals, burgers, breakfast, massages, first nations, thrift shops and many more. 

Visitors: Mainly Canada, US and Europe

Average Time on site: 50 seconds

How We Can Collaborate

Whether you're a local business, an artist, a fellow travel enthusiast, or someone with a unique idea, there are numerous ways we can work together. From advertising and content collaboration to special promotions and events, we're open to creative opportunities that benefit both parties including:

Advertising and Sponsorships

Offer advertising space on your website or in your travel guides for local businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, tour operators, and shops. You can sell banner ads, sponsored content, or listings in your guides.

Custom Content Creation

Use our expertise in New Brunswick to create custom content for your business website, blog, or marketing materials. This could include writing travel articles, creating videos, or providing photography services.

Affiliate Marketing

Allow us to showcase your products or services on our website and earn a modest commission for each sale generated through our referral links.

Local Product Sales

Feature your New Brunswick products and merchandise on our online marketplace, where we take care of the entire e-commerce process – from payment processing to shipping – all in exchange for a nominal fee.

Digital Marketing Services

Enhance your online presence and expand your reach with our comprehensive digital marketing services, SEO, social media marketing, website design, and ongoing management.

Get in Touch If you're interested in collaborating with us or have an idea for a partnership, we'd love to hear from you. Please reach out to us at hello@experiencenewbrunswick.com to start a conversation about how we can work together to bring the wonders of New Brunswick to the world. We look forward to connecting with you and making New Brunswick's story even more vibrant and captivating.