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Rebecca Aldernet: A Splash of Art in Uptown Saint John

Rebecca Aldernet Studio, located at 87 Canterbury Street in the heart of uptown Saint John, stands as a beacon for art lovers and enthusiasts. More than just a place, this studio offers an immersive experience where creativity and inspiration flourish amid the vibrant urban backdrop of Saint John.

Canvas and Creativity

A Space That Breathes Art

Rebecca Aldernet Studio serves dual purposes—it's both a dynamic workshop where Rebecca Aldernet, a seasoned artist, brings her visions to life, and a gallery where her works are displayed. The studio primarily focuses on crafting and creating during regular hours but also welcomes the public during special events and by appointment. This allows visitors a unique opportunity to experience the enchantment of her artwork up close​​.

The Artist Behind the Canvas

Rebecca Aldernet's journey into the art world is as colourful as her paintings. With a rich background in commercial art, marketing, and art direction, Rebecca transitioned into a full-time artist, capturing the essence of daily life in Atlantic Canada. Her artworks are vibrant canvases that explore the intimate connection between humanity and the rhythmic tides of the Atlantic, celebrating the bonds that unite us. Through her use of vivid colours, Rebecca conveys the emotional resonance of the region and the artistry hidden within mundane moments.

An Uptown Sparkle

The studio officially opened its doors with a splash during Uptown Sparkles, an event marking its welcome to the Uptown Saint John Business Improvement Association. The opening featured an impressive display of approximately 100 captivating art pieces in the front showroom gallery, inviting the public to dive into Rebecca's colorful world​.

Rebecca Aldernet's Artistic Reach

While the studio is a local treasure, Rebecca's influence stretches far beyond Saint John. Her artwork is cherished across Canada and the United States, with her ability to ship pieces widely, allowing her vibrant interpretations of Atlantic life to adorn walls across North America.

Engage with the Art

For those unable to visit the studio in person, Rebecca's website offers a gateway to her work, including an online gallery where originals and prints are available for purchase. This digital platform extends her reach, allowing art lovers from around the world to own a piece of Atlantic Canada's beauty.

Rebecca Aldernet Studio is more than just a place; it's a cornerstone of the Saint John art scene, a studio where every brushstroke tells a story of the sea, the land, and the people. It stands as a testament to the power of art to connect us all, making it a must-visit for anyone in Saint John.