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Vito’s in Saint John: Italian Mastery on Every Plate

Vito's in Saint John, New Brunswick, is more than just a restaurant; it's a purveyor of history, tradition, and the essence of Italian culinary art. Founded by the Mantia family in 1972, the restaurant has evolved from a humble family establishment to a cherished pillar of the community. Renowned for its genuine Italian dishes, Vito's excels in offering a homey, inviting atmosphere that transcends mere dining—it offers an authentic experience.


Italian Flair, Everywhere

A Menu That Celebrates Tradition

Vito’s menu is a vibrant tapestry of Italian flavours, each dish crafted with care and served with pride. The restaurant is particularly famous for its pizzas, which many locals argue are the best in the region. But the culinary delights don't stop there; Vito's offers a wide range of Italian favorites that promise to satisfy. From hearty lasagna and tender spaghetti and meatballs to elegantly prepared veal and chicken parmigiana, every plate is a nod to the rich traditions of Italian cooking.


An Atmosphere of Warmth and Welcome

The ambience at Vito's mirrors the warmth of an Italian family gathering. The interiors, featuring cozy seating and classic Italian décor, create an inviting space where families and friends can gather for a memorable meal. Whether it's a casual dinner, a special occasion, or a comfortable night out, the atmosphere at Vito's sets the perfect scene for any event.


Service with a Personal Touch

What truly sets Vito's apart is its impeccable service. The staff at Vito's go above and beyond to ensure that every guest feels like part of the family. This commitment to personal, attentive service is a cornerstone of their reputation and a big reason why guests return time and again. Expanding the Family While Vito's roots are firmly planted in Saint John, their success has allowed them to expand, opening more locations and sharing their beloved dishes with an even broader audience. Each location carries the hallmark of quality and service that Vito's is known for.


A Pillar of the Community

Vito's commitment to community goes beyond serving great food. They are a vibrant part of local events and a supportive presence in charitable activities, making them a valued member of the Saint John community. This dedication to giving back is deeply appreciated by those who know and love the restaurant.


Acclaimed by Customers and Critics Alike

Through the years, Vito's has earned accolades from diners and critics, featuring prominently in local dining guides and online review platforms. Their consistent quality and the warm, friendly atmosphere they provide have garnered a loyal following and rave reviews.


For anyone visiting or living in Saint John, a meal at Vito's is more than just dining out—it's stepping into a community, a family, and a tradition that continues to thrive after more than four decades. So, whether you're craving a slice of pizza or a full Italian feast, Vito's is ready to serve up a plate of something truly special.