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Third Space: Saint John’s Nomadic Art Hub

Third Space Gallery, an artistic gem in the vibrant city of Saint John, shines brightly as the epitome of contemporary creativity. Established in 1999, this artist-run centre distinguishes itself as Saint John’s premier venue for contemporary art. It is purposefully designed to foster innovation and provide a platform for artists at various stages of their careers.


Art on the Move

A Hub for Creative Expression

At its core, Third Space is driven by a mission to support and showcase experimental art. Unlike traditional galleries, Third Space does not confine itself to a single location. Instead, it operates nomadically, utilizing various spaces across the city to host exhibitions and events. This unique approach not only broadens the reach of the gallery but also integrates art into unexpected places, engaging a wider audience and enriching the cultural fabric of Saint John.


Dynamic Programming and Community Engagement

Third Space Gallery is renowned for its diverse programming that includes exhibitions, workshops, artist talks, and public art projects. One of its flagship initiatives is the annual THIRD SHIFT festival, a celebration of contemporary art that transforms the cityscape into a vibrant gallery under the stars. Artists from local, national, and international backgrounds come together to present installations and performances in non-traditional venues, creating an immersive experience for attendees.


Another notable project is Port City, a thought-provoking initiative that invites artists to explore and respond to the cultural and geographical nuances of Saint John. These projects not only highlight the gallery’s commitment to contemporary art but also its dedication to community involvement and cultural dialogue.


A Collective Effort

The gallery thrives on the support of its members, who range from artists to art lovers. Membership at Third Space offers a chance to engage directly with the city’s art scene, participate in exclusive member shows, and have a voice in the gallery's operations. This collective effort ensures that the gallery remains a relevant and responsive part of the community.


Sustained by Passion and Support

The success of Third Space Gallery is also bolstered by funding from arts organizations such as ArtsNB and the Canada Council for the Arts. This support is crucial in maintaining the quality and accessibility of the gallery’s programming, ensuring that Third Space continues to be a beacon of artistic innovation in Saint John.


Third Space Gallery is not just a gallery; it is a vibrant community hub that celebrates contemporary art in all its forms. By pushing the boundaries of where and how art is experienced, Third Space enriches Saint John’s cultural landscape and stands as a testament to the power of community and creativity. Whether you’re an artist, a connoisseur, or a curious visitor, Third Space offers a unique window into the world of contemporary art right in the heart of Saint John.