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Mitote Art Gallery: Where Culture and Creativity Converge

Mitote Art Gallery, located in the vibrant uptown area of Saint John, is a hub for art lovers and cultural explorers alike. Located at 1 Charlotte Street, this gallery isn't just a place to view art—it's an immersive experience where creativity meets community.


Art's Uptown Heart

A Space of Inspiration and Innovation

Founded by the talented local artists Abigail Reinhart and Craig Gower, Mitote is more than just a space to display art. It's a working studio where these artists transform inspiration into tangible expressions. The gallery features an open-concept layout with 12-foot ceilings, providing ample room for both large-scale artworks and intimate viewings.


Art that Reflects Diversity

Mitote is celebrated for its diverse array of artworks, which mirror the eclectic styles of its founders. Abigail Reinhart is renowned for her stunning murals, while Craig Gower's pieces have graced many businesses throughout uptown Saint John. The gallery's offerings are as varied as the community it serves, featuring everything from murals to classic art forms. This diversity not only beautifies the space but also sparks conversations and connections among visitors.


Engaging the Community

Mitote Art Gallery is deeply embedded in the local community. It participates in major events like the Uptown Sparkles and the Santa Claus parade, drawing crowds and integrating art into public celebrations. Beyond these events, the founders are keen on nurturing the next generation of artists. They plan to roll out programs that invite local youth to explore their creative talents in the gallery's inspiring environment, emphasizing creativity over conventional art forms.


Visit and Connect

For anyone interested in exploring the pulse of Saint John's art scene or purchasing unique artworks, Mitote Art Strongly is the go-to destination. The gallery continually updates its collection and invites the public to engage with art in a dynamic setting. You can also follow Mitote Art Gallery on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on new exhibitions, events, and community activities.


Whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or a curious visitor, Mitote Art Gallery offers a unique glimpse into the heart of Saint John's artistic community, making it a must-visit destination on your cultural map.