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Handworks Gallery: The Heart of Saint John’s Art Scene

Handworks Gallery, located in the vibrant heart of Saint John, New Brunswick, stands as a testament to the rich artistic spirit of Atlantic Canada. Established in 1992, this premier gallery showcases a plethora of local talents and celebrates the region's diverse artistry through its extensive collection of handmade crafts.


Crafting Culture

A Hub for Local Artisans

Handworks Gallery in Saint John is more than just a space for buying art—it's a cultural hub where over 100 local artisans from Atlantic Canada display their skills across a variety of mediums. From intricate jewelry and delicate glasswork to expressive paintings and sturdy pottery, the gallery offers a wide range of art forms. Woodworks and textiles also find their place among the carefully curated items, each piece telling a story of craftsmanship and regional heritage.


Art Services That Go Beyond

Recognizing the importance of personal touch in art, Handworks Gallery provides unique services like a wedding registry for couples looking to start their life together with beautiful, meaningful pieces of art. The gallery’s layaway option offers a budget-friendly way to secure a favorite piece, ensuring art lovers can bring home the work they adore without immediate financial strain.


For businesses, the gallery extends its services to corporate art consulting, helping companies enhance their workspaces with art that inspires creativity and compleates a pleasant atmosphere. This service is a testament to the gallery’s commitment to integrating art into everyday spaces, making it accessible and beneficial for all.


A Cultural Staple in Saint John

Located on King Street in a lovingly restored heritage building, Handworks Gallery is not only the oldest commercial gallery in Saint John but also one of the most influential. It operates Monday through Saturday, welcoming visitors to explore its collections and possibly find that perfect piece that speaks to them. The gallery’s setting in a historic area adds to its charm, making it a must-visit for anyone interested in the local art scene.


Year-Round Attractions

The gallery hosts various events throughout the year, turning it into a lively venue for experiencing new art and meeting the artists behind the creations. These events are perfect opportunities for community engagement and for art enthusiasts to delve deeper into the artistic process.


Handworks Gallery is more than just a gallery; it's a cornerstone of Saint John's cultural landscape, a place where art is not only displayed but celebrated in all its forms. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a casual observer, the gallery offers something to capture your imagination and perhaps even a piece to call your own.