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Cobalt Art Gallery: Timeless Art in a Modern Hub

Cobalt Art Gallery, located in the historic Chubb Building at the center of Saint John, New Brunswick, embodies a blend of artistic tradition and contemporary flair. This prestigious gallery offers more than just a viewing experience; it is a journey through the ages, presenting a wide variety of artworks ranging from the 18th century to the present day.


Art Through Ages

As you step into Cobalt Gallery, you're greeted by an eclectic collection that includes everything from classic paintings and intricate sculptures to Persian rugs and Inuit art. The gallery places a strong emphasis on celebrating the rich artistic heritage of the Atlantic Region while also embracing influential pieces from around the world.


A Hub for Canadian and International Art

Cobalt Art Gallery is renowned for its wide-ranging selection that features works by some of Canada's most distinguished artists. From the nautical seascapes by Nova Scotia's Wallace R. MacAskill to contemporary pieces by artists like Paul Healey and Gerard Collins, the gallery offers an inspiring array of artistic expressions. Visitors can also find a unique mix of newer talents and seasoned artists, making it a dynamic place to explore the evolving world of art.


A Venue Rich in History and Culture

Located at the strategic corner of Princess and Prince William streets, the gallery itself is a piece of art. Housed in the historic Chubb Building, which dates back to 1878, Cobalt Art Gallery combines the charm of yesteryear with the sophistication of contemporary art spaces. The interior is designed to enhance the visitor's experience, allowing them to immerse themselves fully in the visual feast before them.


An Inviting Atmosphere

Cobalt Art Gallery is more than just a place to admire art—it's a welcoming community hub. The gallery is home to Lucky, a friendly live-in cat who adds a touch of homeliness to the space. Visitors are encouraged to interact with Lucky, making the gallery a pet-friendly destination. Whether you are an art aficionado or a casual observer, Cobalt provides a warm, inviting atmosphere that encourages exploration and appreciation.


Plan Your Visit

The gallery is open to visitors from Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 4 PM, and offers private viewings by appointment. It’s a perfect spot for both locals looking to delve deeper into the art world and tourists seeking a cultural touchstone during their visit to Saint John.