Festivals & Events

TD Station: The Heartbeat of Saint John’s Entertainment

TD Station, located in the vibrant core of Saint John, New Brunswick, is a hub of entertainment, community, and sportsmanship. Boasting a dynamic array of events and a capacity to welcome thousands, this venue is much more than just an arena—it's a cornerstone of local culture and excitement. Whether you're a sports fanatic, concert-goer, or event enthusiast, TD Station offers a diverse lineup that caters to all.

Saint John's Pulse Point

A Hub for Sports Lovers

For hockey fans, TD Station is nothing short of hallowed ground. As the proud home of the Saint John Sea Dogs of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL), the arena buzzes with energy on game nights. The venue also plays host to other sporting events, including basketball tournaments and high-stakes curling competitions, making it a year-round sports destination.

A Stage for Stars

TD Station transforms into a concert hall where artists from around the globe come to perform, filling the air with music and excitement. Over the years, it has welcomed a roster of renowned artists, offering unforgettable live music experiences that resonate throughout the city. From rock concerts to symphony orchestras, the station's versatility as a concert venue is unmatched.

The Center of Community Gatherings

Beyond entertainment and sports, TD Station serves as a central gathering place for the Saint John community. It’s a preferred location for graduations, trade shows, and cultural festivals. These events not only bring the community together but also showcase the versatility of the space, adapting seamlessly from an ice rink to an exhibition hall.

Facilities and Features

Visitors to TD Station can enjoy a variety of amenities designed to enhance their experience. From tasty concessions and official merchandise stores to exclusive VIP areas, every aspect of the visitor experience has been thoughtfully curated. These facilities ensure that whether you're there for a game or a concert, your visit will be comfortable and enjoyable.

Driving Local Economy

The economic impact of TD Station on Saint John cannot be overstated. By drawing visitors from near and far, the arena boosts local businesses and creates numerous employment opportunities. It plays a crucial role in the city’s economic vitality, making it a key player in the community’s ongoing growth and development.

Managed with Care

Operated by a dedicated board, TD Station is meticulously managed to ensure it meets the diverse needs of its patrons and performers alike. From maintaining the facility to scheduling an array of events, the management team works tirelessly to keep the arena at the forefront of entertainment in Saint John.

TD Station is more than just a venue; it’s a lively, bustling hub that brings together the best of sports, music, and community events. It represents the spirit of Saint John, making it a landmark worth visiting for anyone looking to experience the true essence of the city. Whether you’re cheering on the Sea Dogs, singing along with your favorite band, or attending a local event, TD Station promises a memorable and engaging experience for all.