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Pink Sushi: A Bite-Sized Delight in Brunswick Square

Pink Sushi, located in the food court of Brunswick Square Mall in Saint John, emerges as a vibrant culinary spot for sushi aficionados and curious diners alike. Although smaller in size compared to a standalone restaurant, this compact vendor delivers an impressive array of exquisite Japanese dishes.


Small Space, Big Taste

A Fresh Approach to Japanese Cuisine

Pink Sushi offers a refreshing break from the typical food court fare, serving artfully crafted sushi and Japanese dishes that captivate the senses. The Pink Sushi menu is rich with choices, ranging from classic sushi rolls and sashimi to specialty rolls that feature the fresh flavors of local seafood, such as the popular Dragon Roll and the Saint John Roll.


Quality in Every Bite

Despite its modest setting, the restaurant does not compromise on quality. Each dish is prepared with the utmost care, using fresh ingredients that highlight the best of local produce and seafood. The vendor's focus on quality and flavor makes each visit a delightful dining experience, whether you're grabbing a quick lunch or enjoying a leisurely meal.


Service with a Smile

The team at Pink Sushi is known for their friendly and efficient service, making it a pleasant stop in the food court. They are quick to serve up not only delicious food but also helpful recommendations, ensuring that every customer leaves satisfied.


Convenience and Affordability

Located right in the heart of uptown Saint John, Pink Sushi is a convenient option for mall-goers and office workers alike. Its presence in the food court makes it an easy choice for a quick and tasty meal that doesn't break the bank. With competitive pricing and a variety of dishes to choose from, it offers a great value for anyone looking to indulge in Japanese cuisine.


Ideal for a Quick Gourmet Bite

Pink Sushi proves that quality sushi can be enjoyed even on the go. With its efficient service and prime location in Brunswick Square Mall's food court, it provides a perfect pit stop for shoppers and professionals in need of a quick gourmet bite. Whether you're a sushi aficionado or new to Japanese cuisine, Pink Sushi is a must-visit vendor for an authentic and satisfying meal.


Embark on a culinary journey with Pink Sushi at Brunswick Square Mall and discover the delicious simplicity of Japanese dining right in the heart of Saint John.