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Local coffee roasters in New Brunswick: Coffee Buzz

Local coffee roasters in New Brunswick contribute to the province's reputation as a hidden gem within the coffee scene. Boasting an impressive array of establishments, these roasters bring unique blends and flavors that delight coffee enthusiasts. Exploring these local roasters provides a delightful insight into the region’s vibrant culture and strong commitment to quality coffee.

Brew Culture

1. Down East Coffee Roasters

Established in 1996 in Notre-Dame, Down East Coffee Roasters is a testament to the craft of coffee roasting. They focus on organic, fair trade, and specially blended coffees. Their presence is strong at the Marché Moncton Market, where they serve freshly brewed coffees and sell beans. Their Moncton branch, Café Codiac Coffee, is famous for its broad selection of coffees and local delicacies.

2. Duck Duck Coffee Roasters

Duck Duck Coffee Roasters, based in Fredericton, is known for its commitment to making specialty coffee accessible. They pride themselves on a curated selection of coffees that cater to all palates, emphasizing quality with each batch they roast.

3. Sunny Brae Coffee

Operating out of Moncton, Sunny Brae Coffee takes pride in their organic and small-batch approach. They offer a variety of unique blends, such as the Columbia Organica Micro Lot, which features intriguing notes of grapes, honey, tea, and bubblegum. Their dedication to organic products ensures a rich and natural taste.

4. Freddy Bean Roasters

Located in Fredericton, Freddy Bean Roasters specializes in non-alcoholic, barrel-aged, spirit-infused coffee. Their process includes using real Kentucky Straight Bourbon for a distinct, smoky flavor with a hint of bourbon, offering a unique twist to their coffee.

5. Java Moose Coffee Roasters

Java Moose, a staple among local coffee roasters in New Brunswick since 1995, operates out of Saint John. They are known for their dedication to roasting premium Arabica beans and for their lively cafes, which have become community favourites.

For those exploring local coffee roasters in New Brunswick, these establishments not only offer high-quality coffee but also contribute significantly to the local economy and culture. Each roaster has its unique approach, from sustainable practices to innovative flavours, making New Brunswick a must-visit for coffee lovers.