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Loui’s Pizza: From Dreams to Dough in Grand Bay

Every day In Grand Bay, a dream transforms into reality as Harman Arora opens the doors to Loui’s Pizza, a cozy pizza shop under the same roof as Eastbound Burgers.

Harman, a passionate pizza maker, has honed his craft over two years but his love for pizza stretches back to childhood. "This was my dream," Harman says, reflecting on his journey from playful experiments with gravy and spices in his family kitchen in India to perfecting pizza for paying customers in Canada.

"Pizza is my love language," Harman says with a smile. His passion is evident in every slice, where he combines meticulous ingredient selection with a deep appreciation for the culinary arts. "It's about making small things perfect," he explains, "like the fermentation process, moisture in the dough, and the blend of spices for the sauce."

For Harman, achieving the perfect pizza is akin to creating a masterpiece, requiring both precision and creativity. His approach to pizza is influenced by regional preferences, with a special nod to Canadian-Italian culinary traditions. His favorite toppings? "Mediterranean ingredients like black olives, marinated tomatoes, onions, and green peppers. They’re very tasty and bring a vibrant character to the pizza."

Harman's journey to Saint John began just three months ago, having moved from London, Ontario, where he gained valuable insights into people's pizza preferences.

"New Brunswick is a good place. I love the water, the developing communities, and it felt right to start here," he explains. His decision to share a space with Eastbound Burgers has been a fruitful one, offering a collaborative environment that supports his vision.

"In this economy it made sense to share a roof," he notes, appreciating how Eastbound Burgers has helped him reach his dreams. As a fan of Eastbound's offerings, Harman admits to being particularly fond of their signature sauce.

Looking ahead, he is optimistic about the future of Loui’s Pizza. "Yes, we have plans to expand," he shares confidently, hinting at a bright future filled with more delicious pizzas and perhaps new locations. Loui’s Pizza represents more than just a business for Harman; it’s a passion project that brings his culinary dreams to life, delights the local community, and stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and love for food. As Loui’s Pizza flourishes under the shared roof with Eastbound Burgers, Harman continues to make his mark, one pizza at a time, in the heart of Grand Bay.