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Cruise Ships Saint John: Navigating a Sea of Opportunity

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Discover comprehensive demographic insights on tourists arriving to Saint John via cruise ship in 2024. Keep this crucial data and the detailed Saint John Cruise Ship schedule within reach to customize your services effectively for your target audience, ensuring you cater to the diverse needs and preferences of visitors coming to Saint John aboard various cruise ships.



Balmoral Fred Olsen

Balmoral's guests, mainly middle-aged to retired British passengers, exhibit a vibrant and enthusiastic spirit. These tourists are not shy about diving into a plethora of shore excursions in Saint John, ranging from traditional city walks to more adventurous activities. They represent a significant segment of the demographic arriving in Saint John via cruise ships.


Carnival Legend

Aboard the Carnival Legend, you'll find a broad spectrum of passengers predominantly from Middle America, alongside a noteworthy number of Canadians, Britons, and Australians, making their way to Saint John. This demographic, primarily aged between 35 to 55, reflects the diversity of tourists Saint John attracts through cruise ships.


Carnival Magic & Carnival Venezia

Both ships draw a varied audience, with Carnival Magic being a beacon for families and groups donning matching cruise attire, showcasing the familial and group tourism potential for businesses in Saint John. Carnival Venezia, on the other hand, is known as a haven for children, emphasizing the importance of catering to young visitors in Saint John.


Caribbean Princess & Celebrity Summit

Caribbean Princess tends to attract baby boomers and seniors from North America, pinpointing a demographic with specific interests and needs. Meanwhile, Celebrity Summit appeals to professionals over 35 with a keen interest in culinary and vinicultural experiences, alongside a significant baby boomer presence, underscoring the varied interests of tourists visiting Saint John via cruise ships.


Disney Dream & Emerald Princess

Disney Dream highlights the influx of families, particularly those with young children, from the United States and Canada, to Saint John. Emerald Princess offers a blend of North American and British passengers, with a tendency to attract more British visitors, expanding the demographic diversity of tourists in Saint John.


MSC Explora & MSC Meraviglia

These ships bring affluent, well-traveled passengers, and a delightful mix of families, food enthusiasts, and pleasure seekers to Saint John. Their diverse demographics underscore the city's appeal to a broad range of visitors.


Norwegian Sky & Norwegian Escape

Catering to budget-conscious travelers and American couples and friends, these ships highlight the importance of promoting special deals and offerings tailored to the varying needs of tourists in Saint John.


Vision of the Seas & Vista Oceania

These ships emphasize the family and luxury-seeking demographic, respectively, showcasing the diverse preferences of cruise ship tourists visiting Saint John. This diversity stresses the need for businesses in Saint John to adapt their offerings to meet the broad spectrum of tourist needs and preferences effectively.


By understanding the detailed demographics of tourists arriving via cruise ships, Saint John businesses can tailor their offerings to meet the specific needs and preferences of their target audience, enhancing the tourist experience and contributing to the city's tourism success. YOU