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Bayshore Beach: Saint John’s Shimmering Sanctuary

Sandy in the City

Bayshore Beach, located on the western shores of Saint John, New Brunswick, provides a tranquil retreat. Here, nature's elements converge, crafting an enchanting haven. This picturesque destination is a testament to the natural beauty and community spirit of Saint John, inviting visitors and locals alike to partake in its tranquil allure and environmental initiatives.


Bayshore Beach is not your typical beach. It captivates with a mix of sandy stretches and stony shores, embodying the diverse natural landscapes of New Brunswick. On days when the fog rolls in, Bayshore Beach transforms into a mysterious narrow strip of land, only to reveal its expansive beauty as the tide recedes. The true magic, however, unfolds on clear days when the outgoing tide leaves behind a shallow layer of water, creating a mirrored surface that makes you feel as if you're walking on water.


The allure of Bayshore Beach in Saint John extends beyond its natural wonders. The beach is a focal point for community-led environmental conservation efforts, highlighting the locals' dedication to preserving their coastal gem. ACAP Saint John, a key player in these initiatives, regularly organizes clean-up events as part of the Great Fundy Coastal Cleanup. These activities, open to everyone without the need for registration, not only help keep Bayshore Beach pristine but also foster a sense of community and shared responsibility for our environment.

Getting To Bayshore Beach


Accessibility is another highlight of Bayshore Beach in Saint John, located just a short drive from Uptown. This proximity to the city makes it an ideal spot for a quick getaway or a leisurely day spent in nature's embrace. Moreover, Bayshore Beach is listed among several public beaches in the area, offering a choice between the calm riverside freshwater and the vast oceanside saltwater, each providing a unique beach experience.


Bayshore Beach in Saint John is more than just a place to visit; it's a destination where nature, community, and conservation converge. Whether you're drawn by the environmental efforts, the mesmerizing natural phenomena, or simply the chance to relax by the water, Bayshore Beach in Saint John promises a memorable experience. As you walk along its shores, remember that you're stepping into a world where every visit contributes to the ongoing story of this cherished coastal retreat.