The Good Eye Thrift Shop: Where Vision Meets Vintage

The Good Eye Thrift Shop, located in the heart of Moncton, New Brunswick, has quickly become a local treasure since its doors opened. Visionary founder Janelle Watling, who harbored a childhood dream of creating a space that offers unique fashion finds while promoting sustainability and community, is the driving force behind this gem. The journey to establish The Good Eye was anything but straightforward. Watling transitioned from a career as a flight attendant, a role that exposed her to the charm of second-hand shops worldwide. The unforeseen circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic eventually drew her back to her hometown, equipped with a dream and supported by the CBDC-funded Self-Employment Benefit.


Eye for Style

The origin of the shop's name, The Good Eye, is as personal as it gets. Born blind in one eye, Watling has always had "one good eye and one bad eye." This unique trait, combined with a knack for spotting fashion gems, inspired the shop's name and ethos. It's a story that Watling cherishes, symbolizing both a personal and professional vision coming to life.


A Haven of Inclusivity and Style

Spanning 730 square feet, The Good Eye Thrift  in Moncton is an inclusive, curated space that welcomes all who are in search of something different. Watling's commitment to offering a size-inclusive range ensures that everyone can find something special, with private shopping appointments available for those seeking a more personalized experience. Despite the challenges of launching a retail business amid a pandemic, Watling's resilience and the strategic location of the shop have paid off. Situated along one of the city's busiest streets, the shop enjoys visibility and accessibility, making it a go-to spot for fashion-forward individuals.


More Than Just a Thrift Shop

What sets The Good Eye thrift in Moncton apart is its focus on unique and funky fashion pieces, rather than sticking to the typical retro or vintage labels. The shop's inventory includes a mix of second-hand clothing, art, and creations by local makers, with the added novelty of kombucha on tap. This eclectic mix ensures that there's always something interesting to catch the eye of its patrons, from the everyday shopper to the discerning fashionista. It's this diversity that Watling believes contributes to the shop's success, with a steady stream of customers leaving satisfied with their finds.


Building a Community Around Sustainable Fashion

At its core, The Good Eye Thrift Shop is more than just a place to buy clothes; it's a platform for promoting mindful consumption and challenging the fast fashion industry. Watling is passionate about building a community of like-minded individuals who are conscious of their purchasing habits and the impact they have on the environment. By offering a curated selection of sustainable styles, The Good Eye is making a statement that fashion can be both stylish and environmentally friendly.


The Good Eye Thrift Shop is a beacon of creativity and sustainability in Moncton, inviting everyone to explore the world of thrift shopping in a new and exciting way. Whether you're a local or just passing through, a visit to The Good Eye is sure to inspire and delight.


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