Aquarium Shippagan: Discover the Wonders Down Under

Aquarium Shippagan, tucked away on the northeastern shores of New Brunswick, is a hidden gem for marine enthusiasts and conservationists alike. More than just a window to the underwater world, this establishment is a cornerstone for the education and preservation of marine biodiversity.


Underwater Wonder

Marine Conservation and Education

Situated in the quaint town of Shippagan, at the junction of the Acadian Peninsula and the majestic Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Aquarium Shippagan is an essential facility dedicated to the safeguarding of local marine species and the education of its visitors. It offers an immersive look at the intricate marine ecosystems and serves as a vital center for aquatic science knowledge.


Immersive Exhibits and Engaging Features

The Aquarium Shippagan is a treasure trove of local marine life, proudly displaying species that thrive in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It's a place where the vibrant underwater tableau comes to life, providing a snapshot of the region's aquatic diversity.


Harbor seals are among the stars of the show, with their dedicated exhibit shedding light on their natural behaviors and the environmental challenges they encounter. Additionally, the aquarium's touch tanks offer a unique hands-on experience, fostering a connection between humans and marine creatures that's both educational and deeply moving.


A Tailored Educational Experience for All Ages

While the aquarium is a haven for young explorers, it also caters to adults and marine aficionados with its comprehensive exhibits, educational talks, and a focus on the bigger picture of marine conservation. The tranquil views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence serve as a backdrop for contemplation on the critical role marine ecosystems play in the health of our planet.


Aquarium Shippagan is not merely an attraction—it's a profound statement of our interconnectedness with the oceanic world. Its commitment to conservation and its role in inspiring a greater appreciation for our marine counterparts render it a must-visit for anyone invested in the future of our oceans.


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