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Ministers Island: A Tide-Turned Time Capsule

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Located near the charming town of St. Andrews by-the-Sea in New Brunswick, Ministers Island offers a remarkable blend of natural beauty and rich history. This Canadian island, accessible only during low tide via the Bar Road land bridge, provides a unique experience that captivates both history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.


A Journey Through Time: The Legacy of Sir William Van Horne

The island's most illustrious resident was Sir William Van Horne, the influential president of the Canadian Pacific Railway. His grand summer estate, Covenhoven, stands as a testament to his wealth and taste. This 50-room mansion, surrounded by lush gardens and scenic views, invites visitors to step back into the luxurious world of the early 20th century.


Agricultural Innovations and Historic Structures

Beyond the opulence of Covenhoven, Ministers Island bears the marks of Van Horne's passion for agriculture. His model farm, once a hub of innovative farming techniques, offers a glimpse into the island's agrarian past. The remaining structures, including barns and outbuildings, are enduring symbols of this era.


The Majesty of the Bay of Fundy

Ministers Island is intimately connected with the Bay of Fundy, renowned for its extreme tides. These tides shape every visit to the island, creating a dynamic landscape that changes from hour to hour. The intertidal zone reveals hidden treasures for beachcombers, while the varied ecosystems support a diverse range of wildlife.


Embracing Nature and Heritage

Visitors to Ministers Island can expect an array of activities. Guided tours of the Van Horne estate provide historical insights, while the island's trails offer serene hikes through varied landscapes. The beaches are perfect for exploring tidal pools and the unique maritime environment of the Bay of Fundy.


Preservation and Challenges

Recognized for its historical and ecological significance, Ministers Island is the focus of ongoing preservation efforts. These initiatives aim to maintain the integrity of its historical structures and natural beauty. However, the island faces challenges, including limited access due to tidal patterns and the looming threat of climate change.


A Destination for All Seasons

Ministers Island is not just a summer destination. Throughout the year, it hosts various cultural events and gatherings, showcasing local traditions and arts. Whether blanketed in winter snow or basking in summer sun, the island's allure remains constant.


Ministers Island is more than just a piece of land off the coast of New Brunswick; it's a living museum, a natural wonder, and a testament to human ingenuity and resilience. Its combination of historical and natural attractions makes it a unique destination, promising an unforgettable experience for all who visit.