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Olivier Soaps: Crafting Nature’s Essence in New Brunswick

Blending nature and tradition

In the quaint village of Ste-Anne-de-Kent, New Brunswick, a remarkable story of tradition and natural beauty unfolds at Olivier Soaps. Established in 1996, this local gem taps into the rich cultural heritage of Acadia, blending age-old recipes from France, Italy, and Spain with community spirit. It’s more than a soap company; it’s a testament to the enduring legacy of artisanal craftsmanship.


A Symphony of Pure Ingredients

At the core of Olivier Soaps are the principles of purity and respect for nature. Utilizing the finest olive oil and other natural components, Olivier Soaps crafts a range of products that are as kind to the skin as they are to the earth. Each soap, cream, and lotion emerges from a place of kindness, reflecting a deep commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.


An Evolving Legacy

What started with a single batch of soap has blossomed into a diverse array of skincare products. Responding to the evolving needs of their community and beyond, Olivier Soaps has become synonymous with natural skin health. Their research and development, spanning over three decades, are dedicated to finding the perfect balance for healthy skin using fresh, natural ingredients.


Experience the Art of Soap Making 

Visiting the Olivier Soapery is a journey into the art and science of skincare. Through guided tours and interactive demonstrations, visitors delve into the history and evolution of skin regimes. It’s an opportunity to witness the traditional techniques of soap making – hand stirring, pouring, and wrapping – all employed in crafting these all-natural treasures.


Tailored to Every Skin Type

Olivier Soaps firmly believes in the uniqueness of each individual's skin. Their extensive range of products is designed to cater to different skin types, maintaining PH balance and addressing various skin sensitivities. This personalized approach to skincare is a blend of ancestral wisdom and modern innovation, ensuring each product meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.


Olivier Soaps stands as a beacon of natural skincare, merging tradition with modern sensibilities. It’s a place where the past and present meet, creating skincare solutions that are as timeless as they are effective. In the heart of New Brunswick, Olivier Soaps is not just making products; it's nurturing a legacy of natural beauty and skin health for generations to come.