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Wineries in New Brunswick: Uncorking Secret Cellars

Sip the Surprise

Wineries in New Brunswick may not initially come to mind as a prime location for fine wine enthusiasts, yet a deeper exploration uncovers a flourishing wine culture. New Brunswick wine is slowly carving out a niche in the world of winemaking. Despite being overshadowed by more famous counterparts like Nova Scotia and Quebec, this province's wine industry has demonstrated remarkable growth and innovation. With its unique flavours and characteristics, New Brunswick wine is gaining recognition and winning hearts. In this article, we look at what makes New Brunswick wine stand out and offer a guide to exploring its burgeoning wine scene.


The Terroir of New Brunswick

The diverse climate and geography of New Brunswick, ranging from coastal influences to continental inland conditions, provide a fascinating backdrop for viticulture. The Bay of Fundy, with the highest tides in the world, brings in cool breezes which contribute to the distinct character of New Brunswick's wines. This results in grapes that mature slowly, preserving their acidity and developing a rich aromatic profile and complexity. Another intriguing aspect of wine in New Brunswick is the passion and dedication of the winemakers. Many wineries in New Brunswick are family-run operations, with generations dedicating themselves to perfecting the craft and ensuring that every bottle showcases the best of what the region has to offer.

A Spectrum of Wine Styles

New Brunswick wineries are known for their versatility, producing everything from crisp whites and robust reds to sparkling and dessert wines. This variety showcases the adaptability of the region's grapes and the innovative spirit of its vintners, who are committed to expressing the unique terroir of their vineyards.

The Emerging Wine Regions

While New Brunswick does not have officially designated wine regions, viticulture is particularly vibrant around the Saint John River Valley and the southeastern parts of the province. These areas enjoy slightly milder climates and are blessed with favorable soil conditions, making them hotspots in New Brunswick for grape growing and wine production.

Hidden Vinyards

1. Magnetic Hill Winery

Nestled atop a hill with a stunning overlook of Moncton, Magnetic Hill Winery offers visitors a delightful fusion of rich history and modern viticulture. This charming winery, housed in a restored 1867 farmhouse, has become a cornerstone of New Brunswick's wine culture. As guests wander through the lush vineyards or savor a glass on the patio, they are treated to panoramic views that are as captivating as the wines themselves. The winery prides itself on a diverse selection of wines, crafted to capture the essence of the region's unique terroir. From bold reds to crisp whites and sweet dessert wines, each bottle tells the story of the local climate and the winemaker's artistry. Whether you're there for a casual tasting, a guided tour, or a special event, Magnetic Hill Winery ensures an experience that is both educational and sensorial, making it a must-visit destination for both connoisseurs and curious travelers alike.


2. Gillis of Belle Isle Winery

Gillis of Belle Isle Winery stands as a testament to the idyllic charm and artisanal spirit of New Brunswick's wine scene. Located on a quaint isle in the Saint John River, this boutique winery offers a serene escape where the pace of life slows to match the gentle flow of the river. Visitors are invited to explore the intimate vineyards and taste the labor of love that goes into each bottle. The Gillis family's passion for winemaking shines through in their carefully crafted vintages, which range from robust reds to aromatic whites, each bottle capturing the unique characteristics imparted by the island's microclimate. The experience at Gillis of Belle Isle Winery is enhanced by the warm, personal hospitality that greets every guest, making it a cherished destination for those seeking a personal connection with the land and its produce. It’s a place where every sip tells a story, and each visit leaves a lasting impression.


3. Happy Knight Wines

Happy Knight Wines, nestled in the picturesque countryside of New Brunswick, is a family-owned winery that exudes warmth and friendliness. Known for their small-batch, handcrafted wines, they take pride in producing an array of vintages that reflect the region's rich soils and diverse climate. The winery's name itself conjures images of joy and celebration, qualities that are embodied in their welcoming tasting room and the vibrant character of their wines. From the sun-drenched slopes come their signature fruit wines, made with locally sourced berries and fruits, which offer a refreshing and unique twist to traditional wine profiles. Visitors to Happy Knight Wines can expect a convivial atmosphere where the wine flows as freely as the conversation, and where each tasting is an opportunity to share in the winery's exuberant spirit and commitment to quality. It’s a destination where every glass promises a story and a smile.


4. Appleman Farms

Appleman Farms, set amidst the fertile landscapes of New Brunswick, reflects a harmonious blend of traditional farming and innovative cider and wine production. This family-run orchard and winery is dedicated to creating high-quality, handcrafted beverages that showcase the natural bounty of the region. With a focus on apples, they have carved out a niche in the local market, offering an array of ciders and apple-based wines that range from classic to contemporary flavors. Each product from Appleman Farms is a celebration of the local terroir, capturing the crisp, fresh essence of their carefully tended orchards. Visitors to the farm can immerse themselves in the pastoral beauty of the surroundings and enjoy a genuine farm-to-bottle experience. The Appleman Farms is more than just a winery; it's a place where the community comes together to appreciate the simple joys of nature's offerings and the art of cider making.


5. Domaine Latitude 46 Estate Winery

Domaine Latitude 46 Estate Winery emerges from the heart of New Brunswick's wine country as a beacon of viticultural craftsmanship, aptly named after the latitudinal line that signifies some of the world's most renowned wine regions. This estate takes full advantage of the region's unique climate and soil conditions to cultivate grape varieties that produce wines with distinct character and complexity. At Domaine Latitude 46, the commitment to quality is palpable, with each vine nurtured to express the fullest potential of the varietal. Visitors are invited to explore the sun-soaked vineyards, sample the winery's meticulously crafted offerings, and engage with the passionate team behind the wines. From the robust, full-bodied reds to the delicate, aromatic whites, each glass from Domaine Latitude 46 is a tribute to the winery's dedication to excellence and the robust terroir of New Brunswick.


6. Dunhams Run Estate Winery

Dunhams Run Estate Winery, positioned along the majestic Kingston Peninsula in the heart of New Brunswick, stands as a pillar of the province's commitment to sustainable winemaking. With a steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship, the winery cultivates its vines without the use of herbicides, ensuring that every bottle is a pure expression of the land. The estate's picturesque setting on the banks of the Saint John River provides a perfect backdrop for their diverse array of handcrafted wines, which capture the subtle nuances of their unique terroir. Visitors to Dunhams Run are welcomed into a world where traditional techniques meet innovative ecological practices, resulting in wines that are not only flavorful but also conscientiously produced. Whether enjoying a leisurely tasting or strolling through the verdant vineyards, guests at Dunhams Run Estate Winery are treated to an authentic experience that marries the art of winemaking with the rhythms of nature.


7. La Ferme Maury

La Ferme Maury brings a slice of rustic charm and artisanal flair to New Brunswick's wine landscape. This boutique farm winery is steeped in a philosophy that marries traditional agricultural practices with the art of wine-making, creating a product range that is both authentic and innovative. Here, the Maury family welcomes visitors with open arms, offering a glimpse into their passion for viticulture and enology. The winery's offerings are a reflection of their commitment to the craft, with each bottle encapsulating the distinct flavours and aromas nurtured by the region's rich soils and microclimates. At La Ferme Maury, it's not just about tasting wine; it's about experiencing the lifestyle of a working farm and the intimate process of wine creation, where every grape tells the story of the land from which it came. The winery is a testament to the dedication of those who work the land and a celebration of the bountiful harvests that grace the tables of those who visit.


8. Waterside Farms Cottage Winery

Waterside Farms Cottage Winery in New Brunswick, Canada, is a quaint and picturesque winery known for its handcrafted wines. Embracing local agriculture, the winery specializes in fruit wines, showcasing the rich flavours of the region's produce. A family-operated endeavor, it offers visitors a warm, welcoming atmosphere, inviting them to explore and enjoy its unique selections amidst the serene beauty of Waterside's landscapes.

9. Richibucto River Wine Estate

The Richibucto River Wine Estate in New Brunswick, Canada, is renowned for its picturesque vineyards that stretch along the scenic Richibucto River. Established to craft fine, locally produced wines, this family-run estate takes pride in using traditional methods combined with modern technology. Visitors can enjoy tastings, tours showcasing the winemaking process, and stunning views of the natural surroundings. Its commitment to quality and the environment makes it a standout in Canadian viticulture.

This is just a taste of what New Brunswick has to offer. Each winery provides an intimate glimpse into the province's wine culture, with tours and tastings that promise an educational and enjoyable experience.

Recognition and Future Prospects

Despite facing challenges such as short growing seasons and the need for more investment, New Brunswick wine has begun to earn accolades at national and international competitions. This recognition is a testament to the industry's potential and the quality of its products. As research into cold climate viticulture continues and winemaking techniques evolve, the future looks bright for local wine. The industry is poised for further growth, ready to introduce wine enthusiasts around the world to the unique flavours and stories of New Brunswick. So, the next time you're exploring Canada's wine offerings, remember to give New Brunswick wine the attention it deserves.

The province’s wine industry may be young, but it is ripe with potential, offering a fresh and exciting perspective on Canadian viticulture. As you plan your wine tour in New Brunswick, remember that these destinations are more than just places to sample wine; they are experiences to be cherished, stories to be heard, and memories to be made. So why wait? The wineries in New Brunswick are ready to welcome you with open arms and a glass always full.