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Fresh Wonders: A Trip to the Saint John Fish Market

Seafood Secrets

Welcome to Saint John, New Brunswick, where the fish market scene is as rich in history as it is in fresh seafood. If you're in town and looking to explore the best spots for oceanic delights, here's a straightforward guide to some of the top fish markets in the area.


A Saint John Fish Market Near You

1. Saint John City Market

Highlight: Known as the oldest continuously operated farmer's market in Canada, this historic site is not just about produce. Its seafood section boasts a variety of local and Atlantic catches. Location: In the heart of downtown, it’s easy to access and a great start to your seafood journey.


2. North Market Seafood

Specialty: Fresh, locally sourced seafood with a focus on sustainability. This place is a go-to for fresh fillets, shellfish, and ready-to-cook seafood dishes. Location: Conveniently situated, it's a favorite among locals for quality and variety.


3. Billy’s Seafood Company

Feature: Billy’s is known for its wide selection, including everything from Atlantic salmon to live lobsters. Extra: They also offer pre-made seafood meals, perfect for a quick, delicious dinner.


What to Expect

A Saint John fish market is more than just a place to buy fish. It’s a window into the local culture and cuisine of New Brunswick. You'll find a range of seafood, from staples like haddock and cod to specialties like sea urchins and scallops. Each market has its own charm and offers a different slice of Saint John's maritime heritage.


Tips for Visiting

Early Bird Gets the Fish: Arriving early ensures the best selection.

Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to chat with vendors. They often offer cooking tips or suggest the best catch of the day.

Explore the Area: Each market is surrounded by local eateries and attractions, making them perfect stops during a day of exploring Saint John.


These fish markets in Saint John are not just about buying seafood; they’re about experiencing a piece of New Brunswick’s maritime culture. Whether you’re a local foodie or a visitor, these markets promise fresh, high-quality seafood and a glimpse into the vibrant community of Saint John. Happy exploring!