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Experience New Brunswick Christmas Festivals and Events

Winter Wonders

With the late November air in New Brunswick comes the eagerly awaited return of Christmas festivals and events. More than mere shopping destinations, these fairs are the beating heart of our communities, buzzing with the spirit of the season. Let’s go on a festive journey through ten of New Brunswick’s most enchanting Christmas festivals and events, where the holiday spirit truly comes to life.


1. Saint John Uptown Sparkles (Dec. 1)

Uptown Sparkles in New Brunswick is a dazzling, festive event where the streets of Saint John come alive with twinkling lights, live music, and a unique holiday shopping experience, capturing the spirit of the season.



2. Fredericton Frost Festival (Dec 1 - Dec 5)

A blend of crafts and entertainment, the Fredericton Frost Festival offers unique handmade gifts and live local music, creating a vibrant holiday atmosphere.


3. Moncton's Magic on Main (Nov 27 - Dec 23)

Experience a mix of tradition and modernity at Moncton’s Magic on Main. Engage in interactive workshops and discover unique artisanal treasures.


4. Miramichi’s Riverfront Rendezvous (Dec 3 - Dec 4)

Set against the scenic Miramichi River, this fair spotlights sustainable and eco-friendly gifts, perfect for environmentally conscious shoppers.


5. Woodstock Winter Market (Dec 10 - Dec 12)

Enjoy the cozy charm of the Woodstock Winter Market, where handmade quilts and hot cider await, creating a warm, intimate shopping experience.


6. Dieppe Christmas Craft Fair (Nov 30 - Dec 1)

Discover Dieppe's creative spirit through a plethora of local crafts and goods. This fair is a treasure trove for those seeking unique, handcrafted holiday gifts.


7. Bathurst Holiday Market (Dec 15 - Dec 17)

Immerse yourself in the festive buzz of the Bathurst Holiday Market, where traditional crafts meet modern gifts, complemented by delightful holiday tunes.


8. Edmundston's Étoile du Nord Market (Dec 8 - Dec 10)

Visit Edmundston’s Étoile du Nord Market for a festive experience featuring homemade confectioneries and handcrafted toys in a beautifully festive setting.


9. Sackville Winter Fair (Dec 5 - Dec 7)

Explore the quaint charm of the Sackville Winter Fair, showcasing local artisans, delightful winter knits, and an array of homemade treats.


10. Campbellton Christmas Village (Dec 18 - Dec 20)

Experience the traditional joy of the Campbellton, NB Christmas Village, complete with quaint stalls, seasonal treats, and even appearances from Santa Claus himself.


Each of these markets and fairs offers a unique glimpse into the heart of New Brunswick during the holiday season. From the cozy corners of Woodstock to the vibrant streets of Saint John, these events are not just about shopping — they're about celebrating community, craftsmanship, and the joyous spirit of the holidays.


So, wrap up warmly, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and lose yourself in the festive magic that New Brunswick’s Christmas festivals and events bring. Happy holidays, and may your adventures through these markets fill your heart with joy and your home with the warmth of New Brunswick's holiday spirit!