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André Boulard

André Boulard

André Boulard
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André Boulard, the versatile New Brunswick artist affectionately known as "le Français, mon ami," has thrived in the freelance art world for 15 years. Initially self-taught, André's natural talent for portrait art led him to a scholarship at McKenzie College of Art & Design in Moncton, NB in 2011-2012. Over the years, he has diligently sharpened his skills, exploring a range of traditional and digital mediums. From graphite pencils to acrylics and digital painting, his versatility has allowed him to delve into diverse themes and styles. Originally from Montreal, QC, André has found a new home along with a growing following in Moncton. He's known for his caricature art at local events, private functions, and even radio station commissions. His work has also been showcased at comic conventions like East Coast Comic Expo and Montreal Comic-Con. André's passion lies in creating art that brings joy and connections to people's lives. He specializes in black and white graphite pencil portraits, particularly of beloved pets, capturing their unique personalities and the bond they share with their owners.