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Capacadie: Explore NB’s Newest Gem

A Fresh Chapter

Capacadie in New Brunswick is your go-to destination if you're eager to discover a newly established town that is rich in history, scenic beauty, and cultural heritage.



A Brief Look into Cap-Acadie's Inception

Capacadie, a vibrant town born from the union of the former rural community of Beaubassin East and the village of Cap-Pélé, celebrated a major milestone on January 1, 2023, as it was officially recognized as an incorporated town. This acknowledgment marked a new chapter in the region's history, symbolizing growth and unity. However, the town's journey to embrace its new identity faced a challenge in February 2024 with the unveiling of a new logo. The design sparked a wave of dissatisfaction among residents, who feel the new Capacadie logo does not adequately honour Capacadie's rich Acadian heritage. Despite this hiccup, the spirit of Capacadie remains resilient, with the community's feedback opening doors to further engagement and the opportunity to create a symbol that truly reflects the town's vibrant culture and proud Acadian roots.


The Geographical Allure

Located on the shimmering Northumberland Strait, Cap-Acadie is about 50 kilometres east of the city of Moncton. The town boasts a predominantly Francophone population, with approximately 88% of its residents speaking French.

Aboiteau Beach: The Star Attraction

One cannot discuss Cap-Acadie without mentioning the renowned Aboiteau Beach. This picturesque stretch spans roughly 2.5 kilometres (or about 1½ miles) and is nestled within the Aboiteau Park. Whether you're a beachcomber, sun worshiper, or someone who enjoys good food with a view, Aboiteau Beach has something for everyone. The beachside complex is replete with amenities including a licensed restaurant that serves delectable seafood, a bar to quench your thirst, a quaint gift shop for souvenir hunters, and a patio that offers unparalleled views of the strait.


Capacadie, though newly formed, promises a rich experience in NB for visitors and residents alike. With its deep-rooted history, serene landscapes, and bustling local attractions like Aboiteau Beach, it's no wonder this town is quickly carving a name for itself in the annals of Canadian destinations. So, the next time you're in New Brunswick, make sure Cap-Acadie is on your itinerary.