Saint Andrews by the Sea: Coastal Calm

Seaside Style

Saint Andrews by-the-Sea epitomizes maritime heritage and natural beauty in New Brunswick, Canada. This quaint town is distinguished by its rich tapestry of history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant community spirit, transcending the typical destination to offer a truly immersive experience. Let's delve into the myriad facets that make Saint Andrews by-the-Sea a must-visit locale for those who cherish the coastal way of life.

A Storied Past: The Historical Heart of Saint Andrews

Founded in 1783 by United Empire Loyalists, Saint Andrews by the Sea is a living museum of colonial heritage. The town's architecture and street layouts reflect its historical origins, offering a window into the life of early settlers. Recognized as a National Historic District, Saint Andrews prides itself on preserving numerous historical buildings and sites that narrate the saga of its past. Walking through the town, one can't help but be drawn to the historical landmarks that dot the landscape. From the stately homes on Water Street to the Charlotte County Courthouse, each structure tells a story of yesteryears, meticulously maintained to share their tales with each visitor.

Natural Wonders and Outdoor Adventures

The natural environment surrounding Saint Andrews by-the-Sea is as rich and varied as its historical backdrop. Positioned on the edge of the Bay of Fundy, renowned for the highest tidal range in the world, the town presents a unique ecological landscape that captivates nature enthusiasts and scientists alike. These dramatic tides, which can rise and fall as much as fifty feet, create a dynamic intertidal zone that is an ecological treasure trove.

This tidal phenomenon transforms the coastline twice daily, revealing expansive stretches of sea floor that become bustling habitats for myriad marine species. As the tide recedes, visitors have the extraordinary opportunity to walk across the ocean floor where they can observe a variety of marine life in their natural habitats—ranging from tiny hermit crabs and snails to larger predatory birds that visit to feed.

These intertidal areas are not only fascinating for casual exploration but are also critical for environmental studies. They offer a firsthand view of the complex and diverse marine ecosystems that are directly influenced by these extreme tidal conditions. The ebb and flow of the tides support a unique biodiversity, allowing for a variety of species to thrive in this ever-changing environment, which makes Saint Andrews by-the-Sea a significant site for ecological research and an enchanting experience for visitors.

Kingsbrae Garden: A Horticultural Masterpiece

Kingsbrae Garden, established in 1998 and spanning 27 acres in Saint Andrews, is a top attraction known for its stunning landscapes and vast collection of over 50,000 perennials. Originally part of the Flemer family estate, founders of the prominent Flemer Nurseries, the garden reflects a rich horticultural heritage blended with modern ecological practices. Featuring themed areas like a Dutch windmill, a cedar maze, and a sensory garden, Kingsbrae offers changing seasonal displays for a unique visitor experience each time. It also emphasizes environmental education, hosting programs that focus on botany, horticulture, and biodiversity, while serving as a sanctuary for wildlife. Recognized as a National Garden of Canada, Kingsbrae Garden stands as a significant cultural and natural landmark in New Brunswick.

Minister's Island: A Peek into Canadian Railway History

A short drive—or walk, depending on the tide—from the town center lies Minister's Island. This tidal island was the summer home of Sir William Van Horne, a key figure in the Canadian Pacific Railway. Today, visitors can explore Van Horne's vast estate, which stands as a testament to his legacy and the Gilded Age of Canadian history.

Culinary Delights and Local Crafts

No visit to Saint Andrews by the Sea would be complete without indulging in the local cuisine. Water Street is bustling with cafes and restaurants that offer fresh seafood and traditional dishes, allowing diners to savor flavors as fresh as the ocean breeze. The street is also a haven for shoppers, with boutiques and galleries showcasing the work of New Brunswick artists and artisans. Here are five great places to check out:

Honeybeans Coffee, Tea and Treats

Start your day with a coffee or tea at Honeybeans. It’s a cozy spot that also offers delicious homemade treats and light lunch options. Perfect for a relaxed morning!

Kennedy House

For a hearty meal, head to the Kennedy House. They offer a range of tasty dishes in a historic setting, making it a great spot for lunch or dinner.

Serendipin' Art

This unique store is a must-visit for art lovers. Serendipin' Art features local artwork and crafts, ideal for picking up a souvenir or gift that captures the spirit of the area.


For a casual and satisfying meal, Lumberjacks offers a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, and salads. It’s a great place to refuel after a day of exploring.

The Ice Cream / Video Shoppe

No visit to Saint Andrews would be complete without a stop at The Ice Cream / Video Shoppe on Water Street . They serve up a fantastic selection of ice cream flavours, perfect for a sunny day treat. 

Festivals and Community Spirit

Saint Andrews by-the-Sea is not just about scenic beauty and historical sites; it's also a vibrant community with a rich calendar of cultural events. From music festivals like Paddlefest to art shows and community gatherings, the town celebrates its cultural heritage and community spirit with enthusiasm and warmth.

Saint Andrews by the Sea is a blend of history, nature, and culture. Its picturesque setting, combined with a friendly community and rich maritime heritage, makes it an enchanting destination for anyone looking to explore the charms of Atlantic Canada. Whether you're a history buff, nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, Saint Andrews welcomes you with open arms and countless stories to tell.

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