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New Brunswick Ferries: Connecting Beauty and Convenience

Ferry Tales

New Brunswick ferries do more than just transport people from one place to another; they open doors to the stunning landscapes and vibrant communities across New Brunswick, enriching the maritime journey. In this blog will guide you through the diverse ferries operating within the region, highlighting how they connect the province and enhance the experience of discovering New Brunswick attractions.

Belleisle Bay Ferry

This ferry gracefully crosses Belleisle Bay, connecting Rte. 124 and Rte. 850. Covering a distance of 1.0 km, the journey takes just 7 minutes, offering passengers a short but scenic cruise. With a capacity of 15 cars, this ferry operates around the clock, year-round, providing uninterrupted service to travelers. Keep in mind, however, that from October 1st to December 15th, the ferry is temporarily out of service for a refit.

Evandale Ferry

Spanning the Saint John River, the Evandale Ferry offers a swift and picturesque passage between Evandale on Rte. 102 and Rte. 124. The crossing covers 0.5 km and takes a mere 5 minutes. This ferry boasts a capacity of 18 cars and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring that commuters and tourists alike can access this vital link whenever they need it.

Westfield Ferries 

Two New Brunswick ferries, the Henry Nase and the Woolastook I, provide service across the Saint John River. The Henry Nase crosses between Grand Bay-Westfield on Rte. 177 and Hardings Point off Rte. 845, covering 0.7 km in 5 minutes. With a capacity of 24 cars, the Henry Nase is operational year-round. The Woolastook I, with a capacity of 15 cars, operates on a seasonal schedule, providing service from Victoria Day weekend until Thanksgiving weekend, catering to different peak periods throughout the year.

Gagetown Ferry

Operating between Gagetown and Lower Jemseg along the Saint John River, this ferry traverses 0.6 km in just 5 minutes. With a capacity of 15 cars, it offers on-demand service from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily from June 1st to November 27th, ensuring a smooth crossing for both residents and visitors.

Gondola Point Ferries

These New Brunswick ferries, sailing across the Kennebecasis River between Gondola Point on Rte. 119 and Rte. 845 on the Kingston Peninsula, provide an essential connection. Covering 0.7 km in 5 minutes, both ferries operate year-round. The RGL Fairweather and William Pitt II boast capacities of 24 cars each, ensuring consistent service for those traveling along this picturesque route.

Peninsula Princess 

Spanning the Kennebecasis River, the Peninsula Princess ferry operates between Sandy Point Road in the City of Saint John and Summerville off Rte. 845 on the Kingston Peninsula and Kennebecasis Island. This longer crossing of 1.9 km takes 15 minutes and accommodates 24 cars. This ferry follows a seasonal schedule to cater to the demands of different times of the year.

Letete to Deer Island Ferries

Operating on Passamaquoddy Bay, these ferries link Deer Island and Letete on Rte. 172. The 5 km journey takes 20 minutes and provides service year-round. Both the Deer Island Princess II and Abnaki II offer a capacity of 24 cars. Coastal Transport Limited operates these ferries and can provide disruption information at (506) 662-3724 or toll-free at (855) 882-1978.

Blacks Harbour to Grand Manan Island Ferries

Connecting North Head on Grand Manan Island and Blacks Harbour on Rte. 178, these ferries offer more extended crossings. The MS Grand Manan V has a capacity of 60 cars and 300 passengers, while the MS Grand Manan Adventure can accommodate 82 cars and 360 passengers. With varying schedules, these ferries serve both seasonal and year-round needs.

Grand Manan Island to White Head Island Ferry

Operating between White Head Island and Grand Manan Island, the MF William Frankland covers the 20-minute journey year-round. With a capacity of 12 cars and 99 passengers, this ferry provides a unique link to these islands’ beauty.

Whether you’re commuting or exploring, New Brunswick’s passenger ferries offer a memorable way to experience its maritime charm. From swift river crossings to leisurely journeys across picturesque bays, these ferries not only connect communities but also provide travelers with a front-row seat to the province’s stunning natural landscapes. So, the next time you find yourself in New Brunswick, don’t miss the opportunity to embark on one of these ferry adventures.