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Squid Fishing in New Brunswick: Moonlit Magic

Reel in the Night


Squid fishing in New Brunswick takes you on a spellbinding adventure right off the scenic wharf of Saint Andrews, illuminated under a radiant moonlight that sets the stage for a night to remember. This unique fishing experience transcends the mere thrill of catching squid; it plunges you into the mesmerizing beauty of the sea, enhanced by the moon's silver glow. As squids ascend from the dark abyss, attracted to the shimmering light of the jigs, each cast becomes a moment of heightened anticipation. The instant pull on the line ushers in an enthralling aquatic quest, blending the excitement of the catch with the serene beauty of the night.

Picking Your Gear

No need for fancy squid fishing gear in New Brunswick. Grab a light, long fishing reel and a line that's six to 20 pounds. The star of the show is the squid jig, which mimics fish and shines to catch squid's attention. It's armed with sharp points to hook them in. And guess what? Your regular fishing rod and reel will do just fine.

Choosing the Right Time and Spot

Ready for action? Squid are night owls, so wait until the sun sets. They're also big fans of high tide, hanging out in the deeper waters. Cloudy or rainy evenings are even better. And if you can time your squid fishing trip with a full moon over New Brunswick, you're golden.


Get Jiggy With It

Now that you're all set up on the wharf, it's time to put your skills to the test. Try out the "egging" technique: cast your bait and let it sink. Give your line a couple of jerks, then let it sink again. Keep that jig moving – it's the secret sauce. Mix up the sink time to find where those sneaky squid are hiding. Feeling adventurous? Give the float or ledger rig a shot for a different approach.


Catching Your Prize

Squid have a few tricks up their sleeves. They might squirt out some dark ink when you're reeling them in – consider it a special defense move. Use a net to avoid getting inked. And keep an eye out for their beak – it's like a parrot's and they're not afraid to use it.


Making Memories

Squid are pretty cool creatures, so treat them with care. If you catch any that are too small, release them back into the water. And if you're planning to cook up a delicious squid dish, make sure you clean them properly.


Join the Squid Jigging Party

Gather your pals, pack your gear, and head to the Saint Andrews wharf for a night full of squid fishing fun. The moonlit sea and the excitement of the catch are waiting for you. Whether you're a fishing pro or a curious first-timer, squid jigging is an adventure you won't want to miss.