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Sea Glass in Saint John: Bay of Fundy’s Hidden Jewels

Glass from the past

Seaglass in Saint John and it's nearby beaches provides a fun and rewarding adventure for beach enthusiasts and treasure hunters, showcasing a stunning coastline along the Bay of Fundy. This locale acts as a refuge for those on the quest for the vibrant and weathered treasures that the ocean deposits ashore as sea glass.


What is Sea Glass?

The sea glass in Saint John is the result of discarded glass objects making their way into the ocean. Over time, the waves' constant motion, the saltwater's effects, and the friction against sand and rocks transform these pieces into smooth, polished gems. They come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, making each discovery unique. Rare sea glass colours include: Cobalt Blue, lavender, aqua, light blue, and lime Green.  The most expensive sea glass is red. 


Best Time and Places to Collect Sea Glass

Are you looking for the best sea glass beach in and around Saint John? See the jewels we've gathered for you below:


Dominion Park Beach

During low tide, the stretch of sand and rocky terrain at Dominion Park Beach unveils hidden treasures waiting to be found.


Mispec Beach

This picturesque beach along the Bay of Fundy is a great spot to discover sea glass after storms, when the waves churn up the shoreline.


New River Beach

Known for its pristine beauty, New River Beach offers ample opportunities for sea glass hunting during low tide.


Bayshore Beach

Another gem for beachcombers, Bayshore Beach is a fantastic spot to find sea glass treasures amidst the rugged coastal landscape. Saint


St. Martins Beach

The charming village of Saint Martins boasts a scenic beach where sea glass hunters can enjoy the thrill of discovery.

Tips for Successful Sea Glass Hunting:


Safety First: Wear appropriate footwear for walking on rocky and sandy shores, and be mindful of tides and currents.

Patience: Sea glass hunting requires patience. Spend time meticulously scanning the shoreline for the glimmering glass gems.

Variety of Colours: Sea glass comes in various colours, including green, blue, brown, and even rarer hues like red and orange. Keep an eye out for unusual colours that stand out.

Sizes and Shapes: While smaller, well-rounded pieces are often considered prized finds, sea glass comes in all sizes and shapes. Some collectors enjoy finding larger or oddly shaped pieces for unique jewelry or decor.

Tools: You don't need any special tools for collecting sea glass, but having a small mesh bag or container to hold your finds can be helpful.


Enjoying Your Finds:

Once you've collected your sea glass treasures at the best sea glass beach in New Brunswick, they can be used in various creative ways. Some people turn their finds into jewelry, while others use them for crafting, mosaic projects, or simply as decorative pieces. The beauty of sea glass lies not only in its aesthetics but also in the stories it carries from its previous life as discarded glass. Remember, collecting sea glass in Saint John is about enjoying the process of discovery and connecting with the ocean's history. It's a mindful and nature-centered activity that lets you embrace the beauty of the shoreline while creating lasting memories.


Saint John Sea Glass Fesitval 2024

The Saint John Sea Glass Festival, held at 1 Market Square in Saint John, is a celebration of all things sea glass, bringing together 50 vendors from across the Maritimes. These vendors proudly showcase their extensive collections and creative sea glass-inspired works. Mark your calendars for August 30 and 31 to experience this unique gathering that highlights the beauty and craftsmanship of sea glass artistry.