Thrift shops in New Brunswick: Budget-Friendly Fashion

Thrift shops in New Brunswick offer a fun shopping experience, showcasing a wide variety of unique items and exceptional finds. Throughout the province, these shops provide a sanctuary for those who love thrifting and searching for bargains. Whether you're exploring the quaint streets of Fredericton, venturing through the lively city of Moncton, or soaking in the picturesque views of Saint John, you'll find that thrift shops across New Brunswick offer an eclectic mix of secondhand treasures, each with its own unique charm and history. The highlight of shopping at thrift stores in New Brunswick is the incredibly affordable prices, making it possible to find high-quality clothing, household goods, accessories, and more without breaking the bank. From rare vintage pieces to the latest fashion trends, these thrift shops are brimming with surprises waiting to be discovered. Shopping at these locations not only promotes eco-friendly fashion but also supports important local causes. 


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The best thrift shops in Fredericton, New Brunswick

Welcome to the thrifting scene in Fredericton, where you can embark on exciting treasure hunts and find unique second-hand gems. Here's a roundup of some top thrift stores in the city, each offering its own distinctive thrifting experience:


1. Greener Village Unique Boutique

686 Riverside Dr

Greener Village Unique Boutique in Fredericton is perfect for budget-conscious shoppers, offering cute items, a variety of clothing, and footwear. With frequent specials, you can indulge in regular thrifting without breaking the bank.


2. Hospice Boutique Fredericton

525 Dundonald St

An emporium of delights. With compassionate and endearing staff, you'll enjoy browsing through a great selection of gently used and clean items at this Fredericton secondhand store. Keep your eyes peeled as Hospice Boutique Fredericton is a treasure hunt with surprises in every corner. Prices are also fantastic, making it a must-visit destination.


 3. Mission Thrift Store

387 Sunset Dr

A reliable choice for thrift shopping in Fredericton, the Mission Thrift Store offers a wide variety of items, including the odd vintage treasure. One interesting feature is that they print out pages from eBay to display the value of their antique and unique items.


4. My Closet

280 Main St Suite 5

A Fredericton consignment shop specializing in women's clothing, My Closet offers excellent quality and name brands, and if you're familiar with brands, you'll find excellent prices here.


5. My Consignment Fredericton

5 Trinity Ave

Stylish finds and easy consignment, My Consignment in Fredericton is your one-stop boutique for gently used women's clothing, home goods, and shoes at affordable prices.


6. Salvation Army Thrift Store

275 Main St

Shopping here not only allows you to score great deals but also supports a meaningful cause. The Salvation Army Thrift Store boasts an extensive selection of goods, ranging from furniture to household items and clothing.


7. Seed the Need Good Will Shop

176 Main St (Inside York Plaza)

This well-stocked and organized secondhand store in Fredericton has a super friendly and helpful staff. At Seed the Need Good Will Shop you'll also find a plethora of items such as pants, scarves, jewelry, and more. Keep in mind that all items are based on donations, making it a great spot to uncover unexpected treasures.


8. Changing Hands Thrift Shop Ltd

1245 Hanwell Rd

Changing Hands Thrift Shop Ltd offers a wide selection of quality used clothing, home decor and household goods and that rare find.


9. Second Showing Boutique

1299 Hanwell Rd

Second Showing Boutique is a consignment store for ladies clothing, footwear, jewellery, handbags and accessories.



The best thrift stores in Moncton, New Brunswick

Moncton, a city brimming with thrifting opportunities, invites you to explore its diverse array of thrift stores. Here are some top-notch spots to indulge in a memorable thrifting experience:


1. Boutique 2e Look

323 St. George St Suite 101

If you're seeking gently used clothing in Moncton, including vintage pieces, Boutique 2e Look won't disappoint. The staff is also super accommodating, making it an ideal destination for those in search of unique and high-quality pieces.


2. Boutique Encore

475 St. George St

A nicely organized store with a fantastic selection, where the super-friendly and helpful staff will make your thrifting experience even more enjoyable. In addition to great prices, vintage and collectible gems can be found and Boutique Encore.


3. Boutique Hospice Shoppe

164 Collishaw St

The Boutique Hospice Shoppe is a great little thrift shop in Moncton for pre-loved items, where everything for sale is donated and carefully checked by volunteers. It's a top spot for costume jewelry and coats.


4. Guy's Frenchys

1567 Mountain Rd

Guy's Frenchys is a secondhand retailer full of surprises, revealing hidden treasures, including designer brand names. Enjoy a wide selection of secondhand clothing for all ages, all at a single price per category.


5. Mission Thrift Store

40 Morton Ave

A diamond in the rough, the Mission Thrift Store in Moncton Moncton thrift store offers great prices on used items and clothing in a clean and friendly atmosphere. You'll find an extensive variety, including brand names at low pricees, making it a must-visit destination for thrifters.


6. SDV Vintage

187 Botsford St

Considered the best vintage clothing store in Moncton, SDV Vintage boasts an impressive collection of vintage clothes and accessories, as well as items from local artists. Prepare to be enchanted by the unique and absolutely lovely finds.


7. Second Edition

460 Mountain Rd

Immerse yourself in trendy and super clean surroundings at this secondhand store in Moncton, where you'll find very nice items at reasonable prices. The staff is professional, friendly, and always ready to assist, ensuring a delightful shopping experience.


8. The Good Eye Thrift Shop

363 Mountain Rd

If you seek carefully curated vintage and second-hand pieces, this shop is your go-to place. Additionally, The Good Eye Thrift Shop in Moncton carries an impressive selection of goods from local makers, allowing you to shop sustainably while discovering fun and unique items.


9. The Salvation Army Thrift Store

1185 Mountain Rd & 300 Elmwood Dr

The Salvation Army Thrift Store in Moncton offers a wide range of goods, including furniture, household items, and clothing. However, shopping here goes beyond great deals; it's about supporting a meaningful cause.


10. Dayzee's Fashions Ltd

106 St.George Street

Dayzee's Fashions features a vast array of gently used clothing for men, women, and children, with new spring and summer items arriving daily. They can be found on Kijiji and accept Visa, Mastercard, and Interac for payments.


Saint John

The Best Thrift Shops in Saint John, New Brunswick

Welcome to the charming city of Saint John, where thrifting offers an exciting array of hidden treasures and unique finds. Here are some must-visit thrift stores in the area:


1. Guy’s Frenchys

109 Ludlow St

Guy's Frenchys is a secondhand store in Saint John, brimming with surprises, holds hidden gems like designer brand names. Enjoy the convenience of a single price per category, discovering secondhand clothing suitable for all ages.



15 Fulton Ln

OUT 'FITS in Saint John offers a clean and organized space with friendly staff and great tunes, making it an extra fun shopping experience. The store drops hundreds of new pieces daily so you’ll want to come back often.


3. My Consignment Saint John

11 Fashion Drive

Discover unbeatable bargains on brand name clothes, shoes, and purses, all served with a smile. My Consignment in Saint John consignment shop in Saint John has everything. 


4. The Hospice Shoppe

77 Catherwood St

The Hospice Shoppe in Saint John boasts wonderful quality clothing and small housewares, all carefully curated. With their discerning eye, you'll only find top-notch items on their shelves.


5. The Salvation Army Thrift Store

87 Lansdowne Ave

The Salvation Army Thrift Store is a fantastic spot for affordable wardrobe and personal needs with an ever-improving selection. By shopping here, you support The Salvation Army's programs and emergency relief efforts, benefiting our neighbours and friends in need.


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