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Jacob Finck: Young Star with Experience and Skill

Graphic Design and Music Collide

It’s not everyday you come across someone who is younger and mature with a lot of experience. And talent.


Jacob Finck is the type to let his work do the talking. When I first met Saint John musician Jacob Finck I had no idea such a young man could be so well prepared and focused. Years before meeting me Jacob caught the entertainment bug while doing a talent show at school. I can still hear the excitement in his voice as he described being both nervous and excited. From there he gathered some high school friends and started his first band. A band he still has going to this day he calls Elevate the Virus.


His style is technical. His music hits you hard and fast. I met Jacob where I usually meet many artists for the first time - O’Leary’s Pub. I was on the patio discussing with someone how I had lost our graphic design artist for the band. Jacob happened to be within earshot and was quick to offer his assistance. It turns out Jacob does incredible graphic work under the name Beanspiller. His graphics are no less intense than his music.

jacob graphics


Since our initial meeting we have gone on to create some incredible graphics which have been used all over my social media and as stickers. Since Jacob caught the performing bug he has gone on to more than writing music and creating graphics. Just when I didn’t think there were any more layers to Jacob one day he asked me if I would like to have my music recorded. Along the way Jacob has worked on recording his band’s music. He’s gotten so good at it he’s now working with other artists - myself included.


jacob and darren


Jacob and I went into the studio to record a five song EP and he was magical the whole time through. Catching every note, asking me to do take after take. The whole experience was simply amazing. He is now working on putting it all together. He’s done the graphics, recording and now producing. Aside from all of this I know Jacob has one more tool in his belt (if not more). We haven’t worked on it yet but I know Jacob also produces his own videos. For now though I’ll have to stay out of Jacob’s way and let him do his work.

Elevate the virus have a show coming up July 8th at The Panic Room and you won’t want to miss this one. Until then you can catch Jacob and his amazing work at https://withkoji.com/@ElevatetheVirus

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