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New Brunswick’s Doug Gibbon Set To Debut EP, “Just About Time”

New Brunswick musician Doug Gibbon is set to make waves with the release of his seven-song EP, "Just About Time" this spring.

Featuring a blend of lively country rock tunes and heartfelt ballads, the album highlights Doug's exceptional skills and dedication as a singer-songwriter. Doug's passion for music was ignited by his father, Leonard Gibbon, a lifelong guitar picker and singer.

"That's where I got the bug," Doug said, recalling his childhood. "I loved watching him play and saw the joy it gave him when he was playing."

From there, Doug began penning his own songs and relishing the entire creative process, "from writing to mixing and mastering at the end."

Music Triumphs Over Adversity

Throughout his life, music has been a constant, even when facing adversity. In 2012, Doug was diagnosed with Stage IV Lymphoma, but he conquered the disease after undergoing chemotherapy. His wife, Lori, arranged a surprise meeting with his musical hero, Keith Urban, which fueled the inspiration for his forthcoming EP.

"We talked about music, life, his commitment to his fans, and how much he inspires me. That's when I really put my effort into my upcoming seven-song EP," Doug shares.

Doug's advice for aspiring musicians is to break down the creative process step by step to avoid feeling overwhelmed. He emphasizes the satisfaction of creating one's own music, describing it as "truly one of the best feelings I have ever experienced in my life."

"Just About Time" is slated for release between March and April of this year. As for live performances, Doug is optimistic, saying, "We'll have to see what happens there. I gotta get some guys on board to play my stuff, practice, and see where it goes from there."

Currently, you have the opportunity to listen to Doug Gibbon and several other talented musicians from New Brunswick on our brand new radio station exclusively featuring local artists.

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