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Catch the Buzz on Saint John’s Austin Eatman

They say never meet your heroes. This time, I had no choice. I had to meet Austin Eatman.

I remember it was the third or fourth night I was sitting in O’Leary’s watching Austin play, and I thought to myself that Austin is the only New Brunswick singer-songwriter that I would want playing my music. Not that it is going to happen. It is simply how I feel. You would have to try hard to miss Austin Eatman these days in Uptown Saint John. As one of the hardest working musicians around, he is everywhere. I would normally wander into O’Leary’s on a Sunday night and catch Austin playing solo as he does every Sunday from 9pm to 12am. However, this most past Sunday, I strolled in to find his two piece - The Sound Investments - on stage.

Sunday Funday, indeed. When Austin and Mike get together, they create this gritty workman sound that is beautiful. One doesn’t know whether to hop the railroad or get up and dance. I’ve also recently caught up with Austin at The Ritchie Taproom. There, Austin hosts a monthly Folk Club. On the second Thursday of every month, Austin invites local singer-songwriters to perform from 7 to 9 pm. Yours truly will perform in April.

The Ritchie Taproom is a great venue. Seated next to O’Leary’s on Princess Street in Uptown, this venue shares in the spirit of music. At the last Folk Club, I had the chance to catch Mike Beaton. Mike is a very humble person and kept saying he didn’t see himself as a singer-songwriter. But he sure sounds like one. I have heard rumblings that Frank James will perform at the Folk Club in March. You won’t want to miss that.

Get Ready to Groove

Aside from all of this, you can catch Austin playing various places around Uptown Saint John including the Pub Down Under. Now, I’ve saved the best for last. If you’re like me and can’t get enough of Austin Eatman, you are going to be excited about this one. Austin is a Saint John native - born and raised. He writes his own music. And has the distinction of having the best stank leg in the business. These combined have earned Austin and his band a spot at the coveted Area506 festival on August 4th. Austin is taking the stage with some of the best in music, including local pop star Hilary Ladd. Hilary is having a huge year of her own coming off an Ecma nomination. I’ve chatted with Austin about this opportunity and he’s totally excited. I am very thrilled they chose him to play Area506, as it’s a victory for singer- songwriters everywhere.

Now can you see why I say Austin Eatman is the busiest musician around? With everything he has accomplished, it will be outstanding to watch where music is going to lead Austin next. You now know where you can find some of the best local music around Uptown Saint John, so please get out and support Austin, and other musicians, when you can. 

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