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A Port City Junk Band Delivers Memorable Debut Performance

A Port City Junk Band, a duo of musicians from Saint John, recently played their first concert together at the Ritchie Tap Room on March 23.

Fans of the band were eager to hear about the experience, and we caught up with Darren and Ed to get the inside scoop. The Ritchie Tap Room is an intimate venue attached to O’Leary’s, a popular Saint John music venue and pub. The audience was engaged and singing along, head-bobbing to the tunes, and Boris joined in with some great harmonica solos that the audience loved.

Boris is a local favourite who frequents open mics and often lends his harmonicas soulful sound to live performances at a number of venues. Darren is a recent addition to Saint John but has wasted no time getting stage time and has quickly made a home amongst the live, local music scene.

Ed is a veteran performer who has been playing music for years. He has performed in bands that range from punk to country and everything in between. Darren's original songs and guitar work combined with Eds acoustic work on the Peruvian Cajon provided a fresh but familiar sound.


Originals Shine Bright in a Night of Musical Magic

A Port City Junk Band's first concert was a mix of original songs and covers, with the majority of songs being originals. Two Little Devils was the original piece that got the crowd clapping and stomping and seemed to be the song that cemented the night as a definite success. Darrens lyrics, crowd work, and relaxed stage presence made the crowd feel welcomed, comfortable, but most importantly, entertained.

Deanna Lori opened the show with some original acoustic folk-style music, followed by Quinn Adams, who provided an eclectic mix of covers with a smattering of originals. Ed provided some solo original material that leans philosophical, with well-crafted lyrics that entertain and promote intense introspection.

The night hosted four acts, which may have been a bit of a stretch for time, and Ed suggested that three acts may be more appropriate for future shows. After the concert, A Port City Junk Band received positive feedback from both fans and critics. Fans were impressed with the band's performance and original songs, and critics praised the band's tight sound and easy-going style.

The future looks bright for A Port City Junk Band, as they plan to host an ongoing live music night called A Port City Junk Drawer at The Ritchie Tap Room. The Port City Junk Drawer will highlight local talent and take place on the last Thursday of every month. A Port City Junk Band's first concert was a resounding success. The band's blend of original songs and covers, tight sound, and well-crafted lyrics had the audience engaged and entertained throughout the show.

Fans and critics alike are eagerly anticipating the band's future performances, and The Port City Junk Drawer promises to be a great addition to Saint John's vibrant music scene.

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