Surf in New Brunswick: Ride the Hidden Waves

Surf in New Brunswick and you'll discover a scene as unique and spirited as its coastal beauty. Although this Canadian province isn't traditionally known as a surf destination, it offers a charming and challenging experience for those willing to brave its waters. Let's dive into what makes surfing here a hidden gem for enthusiasts.

Where to Surf in New Brunswick

Pointe-du-Chêne Wharf

Shediac Pointe-du-Chêne might be more famed for its serene waters and picturesque views, but under the right conditions, it churns out surfable waves that can shock you.

Parlee Beach Provincial Park

Best known for its warm waters and golden sands, Parlee Beach becomes a surf spot when storms roll in, producing some respectable waves that are worth the wait.

Bay of Fundy

The crown jewel of New Brunswick's surfing locations is the Bay of Fundy, home to the highest tides in the world. These tides create unique and occasionally formidable surfing conditions that attract those looking for an adventure. The tidal bore surfing on the Petitcodiac River in Moncton provides an intriguing alternative for those seeking an unusual surfing challenge.

Moncton Tidal Bore

Moncton's Tidal Bore is a unique surfing experience where surfers ride a single wave created by the incoming tide of the Petitcodiac River, offering a thrilling ride through downtown Moncton.

Prime Surfing Seasons

New Brunswick’s surfing seasons are as diverse as its coastal landscape. Fall and winter bring the best swells, courtesy of the Atlantic storms. These months, though cold, can offer exhilarating surfing experiences if you're properly equipped.

Gear Up

Due to the often chilly water temperatures, a thick wetsuit is a must. A 5/4mm suit with hood, gloves, and booties will keep you warm in the frigid Atlantic. Depending on the wave conditions, you might find anything from shortboards to longboards useful in your aquatic arsenal.

Safety and Conservation

Surfing in areas with strong currents and dramatic tides like those in the Bay of Fundy requires respect for both the power of nature and the local environment. Always check the surf and weather reports before venturing out, and consider surfing with a companion for safety.

Respect the Locals (Marine Ones, Too!)

As you surf New Brunswick's waves, you’ll share the waters with seals, occasional whales, and other marine life. Keeping a respectful distance and adhering to conservation guidelines ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Surfing in New Brunswick isn't just about catching waves; it's about embracing the rugged charm of the Atlantic and the warm spirit of its people. Whether you're pulling on a wetsuit for the first time or looking to carve up some lesser-known waves, New Brunswick’s shores hold a cold water paradise waiting to be explored. So, why not dive into a different kind of surf adventure right here in Canada?


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